May 29th, 2020

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Welcome to True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd.

Land Land Surveying, an art and science of measuring and mapping the relative positions above, on or under the surface of the ground, is not only a technical and professional activity but also a business activity. This traditional art of science and mathematics has undergone different stages of a revolution in the way data is collected, stored, retrieved and processed for the output. Our Mission: “Bringing the Land Profile to your Desktop using latest technologies and provide a quality service, which fulfills customer's requirements.


To bring your infrastructure dreams come Alive The road is long and our responsibility towards development is huge. We at True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd, have taken it upon ourselves to invest all our energies in ensuring that the fruits of our labour reach every corner of India. We indigenize the latest global.


True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd take quality and customer satisfaction seriously.True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd has aligned itself with established quality providers to ensure best quality, technical support, and latest technology .We believe that the success of operational practice builds.