April 4th, 2020

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Health & Safety

The success of the Company is achieved through dedication, hard work and a commitment to safety.

Quality Policy : At True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd starve to provide quality services not only to its clients but to its own staff as well . Some of our quality policies as below :-

  • To make an image for the company , it requires systematic approach to its work . At True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd we possess systematic practices.
  • For True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd customer satisfaction is the primary concern and to achieve this we try to cater customized needs of clients by fulfilling their commitments in terms of prompt delivery and quality
  • To achieve effective implementation a good team is the major requirement. At True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd we work as a team which follow all the standards to fulfill the requirements of Construction industries
  • Train staff and impart knowledge on latest developments in the Construction field
  • Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Continually improve the Quality Management System by establishing & reviewing quality objectives

Health &Safety :
True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd has developed a Safety System for its staff as well as for its clients. The company will actively seek the support of all operatives engaged on a project to look after the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues by working within the spirit of this safety plan .The company tries the safety policies to achieve " ACCIDENT FREE WORKING ENVIRONMENT" during all our operations.

Health plan
First - Aid

  • A full first aid box shall be maintained and placed in the site offices and on all survey vehicles.
  • All Staff members are trained in providing first aid.

Medical Facility

  • Minor injuries be which cannot treated by the First Aider will be immediately referred to nearest hospital
  • In the event of a more serious injury, adequate facility will be made available to call a physician or ambulance or to transport the injured person from the workplace to nearest health Care Centre

Safety plan
a. Safety Induction

  • All employees need to attend safety induction training program before starting work on any project according to the project requirement.

b. Basic Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Basic firefighting training shall be given to the Survey crew to ensure that sufficient trained personnel are available in the event of a breaking out of fire at working place.

c. Personnel protective Equipment
The company provides all its employees working at site with the survey personal protective equipment required for different operations. HARD HAT, SAFETY FOOTWEAR AND COVERALLS are mandatory for all workforces.

  • Employees shall be provided with eye protections, Hearing protection Hand protection and fall protection equipment etc., as required depending on site conditions.

Environmental Policy
The management and staff of True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd are committed to maintaining a high standard of environmental management for all our operations.
To achieve this policy, the True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd applies the following principles:

  • Recognize, respect and respond to community concerns about potential environmental impacts of our operations and products.
  • Operate our equipment in a manner that recognizes the need for the protection of the environment.
  • Control and encourage the reduction of waste generation from all our operations.

Promote these principles and practices by sharing experiences with others who are associated with us in the general areas of business in which we work.