April 4th, 2020

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Quality Statement

True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd take quality and customer satisfaction seriously.

True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd has aligned itself with established quality providers to ensure best quality, technical support, and latest technology .We believe that the success of operational practice builds when proper attention is given the safety of the people as well as the surrounding environment.

True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd for over 10 years, has delivered a quality service in all aspects of geospatial measurement. We Provide cost effective solutions tailored to client requirements through our greatest asset our people. The workforce is highly skilled and undergoes continued professional development. True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd always try to use the latest technology which enables it to pass the benefits onto the client in terms of efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd provides an integrated survey and data management service to the engineering.

True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd Employing a multidisciplinary approach, which includes engineering survey, buried utility, service mapping, hydrographic survey and site investigation. We are able to manage the extensive geospatial and geophysical data acquisition and management experience .We supply the highest quality deliverable to our customers.