April 4th, 2020

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Data Processing & CAD Bureau

True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd believes that the best person to process a survey is the surveyor who has seen the site and surveyed it! Therefore our surveyors process their own data.

Our CAD Department is used for final drawing presentation & production. We take pride in the presentation of our drawings. We try our best to produce technically informative, well laid-out drawings prepared with draughtsman ship skills. We produce traditional hard copy drawings on paper or film, and also data on disk in a wide range of software formats, including;
• Microstation

Topographical survey drawings can be provided in 2D or 3D. We are able to provide 3D digital terrain models (DTMs), and can also carry out site visualization exercises, and volume calculations if required.

Hydrographic survey data can be provided in specialist software formats as used by hydraulic modelers, including: