April 4th, 2020

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DGPS Surveys & DGPS Control Installation

Our experienced survey teams are equipped with the latest measuring equipment, allowing us to provide the best possible service for any desired project .The range of DGPS tasks undertaken varies considerably from purely using base stations to co-ordinate the survey stations for a traditional topographical survey project, to "roving" across vast areas of land giving instant 3D co-ordinate data across the site terrain. Projects have included large areas of green field sites for, wind farms, pipeline routes, development projects and road schemes.

Our land surveyors are the early adopters of technology that could improve the accuracy and speed of our services, while lowering costs for our clients. We currently use integrated Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) hardware and software to process huge amounts of data which is transmitted between multiple systems. This is particularly useful for improving the turnaround time for boundary maps and topographic maps, our most frequent service deliverables. We utilize mapping software to quickly implement changes and updated data. All information generated by our GPS systems and Mapping software can be delivered in a variety of GIS and CAD formats.