April 4th, 2020

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Setting - Out

When a site layout design has been established, we appreciate how critical it can be that this information is accurately transferred onto site. Using the latest survey instruments our surveyors can set-out points on site as required, using the engineers' design drawings and design co-ordinates. Our role can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project; in some cases we set-out key control points only; for use by resident site engineers, and in other cases we carry out a complete setting-out service. We work closely with site managers, to provide a reliable, flexible back-up service, to set-out further phases of the works as and when required.

In addition to setting-out work, we are able to carry out check surveys at various stages throughout the construction process;.This can involve the independent checking of points set-out by others, where quality monitoring is required. This is high precision work, where very accurate measurements are required.

Our teams of surveyors are working closely with the main contractor on-site to ensure the survey tasks are carried out as and when required, in-line with the construction program for the build; whilst dovetailing with the other trades present on-site.