April 4th, 2020

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Underground Services Surveys

Underground services surveys are carried out using Radio detection C.A.T. &Genny equipment; (C.A.T: Cable Avoidance Tool). Using Radio detection and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment we are able to locate underground utilities services. This can either be 2D or 3D data superimposed onto a base map. Drainage runs can be traced by using a sonde transmitter on a reel; which is fed from the surface, along the pipe runs. The transmitted signal is traced from above ground using a detector. Cover & invert levels and pipe sizes can be provided.

We are also able to trace other below ground services, e.g., cables, metal pipes etc., and can give depth information for the features detected, if required. Measurements are carried out from the surface. This equipment is usually sufficient to give a good indication of buried services, particularly when combined with utility companies' records information. We are also able to meet the utility companies' representatives on site to gain additional information, if required. However, non-metallic services (e.g. plastic pipes etc.,), or underground void areas cannot be detected by this equipment. In certain cases, highly specialized Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment may be required. True Earth Surveys Pvt. Ltd can undertake GPR & CCTV surveys, but we do not carry out confined space working, or underground pipe condition surveys.